Outdoor Activities for your children

There are many outdoor activities that you can give children a simple and totally free, without consuming too much space and usable area. Space outside airy with sunshine, gentle breezes will help morale becomes more comfortable. You do not take her too far away to experience this activity. Even in the playground or in the streets in the neighborhood where you can place these exciting outdoor activities. Take time out with young, boosts creativity and explore the world around them. And a lot of other interesting reasons push for adventures with unforgettable and amazing memories.


Take a stroll in the park

The park is an environment that brings healthy children, where there are many trees for shade and lots of fun games, and above all she can connect with friends here. She could play with my friends, the team game, exercise together. Whether you live in the city or rural areas, putting the baby to the nearby park to create new habitats created delight and excitement. In the park, there’s little encounter different animals, different species and mix with nature. You can bring a camera to capture memorable moments during play in the park.

Kids on Trampolines. People at Morro Bay, CA Fourth of July 2011 Celebration at Tidelands City Park, 04 July 2011. 
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Plant a small garden in front of house

Infant gardening experience fun and exciting. She will be familiar with the care and observe the trees, large flowers and change over time. This is also a way to take her closer to nature than, stimulate curiosity and imagination of children. She may observe insects living in his small garden. Starting some trees, flower easy to grow and care for your baby guide. The planting beneficial and of great significance, he can freely develop and creativity in a wonderful environment. However, in the garden, always in the supervision and support for the child, to prevent danger.

Visit the local library or gallery

Book a resource is extremely quarterly price, bringing great benefits to the reader. Our life can not grow strong as it is today without the help of books. Thanks to a book, you can help children discover the world around them and the great value of itself. The library is a great place to find books with many different themes, matching depending on age. It is possible that the story humanities, dark stories entertaining. Besides, you can take her to art galleries to learn more about creative pictures.

Ride a bike

A bike ride is maintained regularly can bring great benefits to health. You can choose a park, play area near the house without having to design a trip too far. You can ride a bicycle along the baby in the early morning or late afternoon. Remember to bring water and snacks to make sure there was a lot of exercise when hungry. There are many useful tips for cyclists exercise for the whole family.

Fly a kite

Kite flying is a traditional pastime, associated with childhood, especially with children in suburbs or rural areas. On windy days, you can take her to the park or field together and fly kites, watch the sky.

Blowing soap bubbles

With these simple tools like soapy dishwater, warm water, tool box with bellows, you can help her design a box blowing soap bubbles. If you want the bubble bigger, more colorful, you can add glycerin and in solution. Teach him how to blow bubbles slowly to large size, strong blow will give more baskets with small size. You can use a straw or stick blow to do this. Commanded little attention to absolutely no solution in their mouths.

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