Great Indoor Games and Activities for your kids

Physical activities are encouraged, especially those children who are in the age of development. Education not only encapsulated within the school, but these also need to focus on ensuring the home for children. Create a healthy living environment, creativity and fun to encourage your children to become more active. If the conditions of the time and the weather is not favorable, you can have many ideas for other funny games indoors. These are the games rewarding, contributing to the comprehensive development of your children, enhance creativity and entertainment for children. The share of many parents about appropriate activities for toddlers and preschoolers that you can apply for indoor games.


Play Bingo

This is one of those games to improve and enhance their memory. You can combine play with the photos of the members of the family as well as acquaintances around them for support tools. When she called correctly name, little guidance on proper tagging and tag photos. If you use baby 9 shots and grafted right 3 times in a row, your children will win.

Pencil and paper games

You can guide them to draw objects, animals around a simple and based on her imagination. Combine more colors in each picture and you can hang the paintings in her room. Certainly it would be very funny pictures for your family.

Exercising construction architect

The children are usually very interested in game design. You do not need to build up the huge buildings or towers, forts … Start using diagrams and specific plans with support tools such as paper, pen size, hardcover, cloth paper … Set the pattern of interest and little imagination and inspire them.


Play as a superhero

Each child usually wants to become a superhero to rescue the world as in the blockbuster, cough proprietary wants superpowers. Therefore, you can help her makeup and turn yourself into the character as far as the imagination and can assume his role. You can make use of old things in the family to create a unique costume, demonstrating the correct role.

Blogging for Your Family

Designing a blog dedicated to your family, post pictures or video accompanied, the center wanted to share from the daily events, trips, special events. This is also a way of strengthening the ability to use a computer for the baby under your supervision. Own Blog can keep your family every time you want to remember or share memories with everyone around. The potential benefits of this job can create more cohesion between the members of the family together.

Became familiar with a second language

When the baby was able to communicate fluently in their mother tongue, you can begin to teach your baby to second language. This brought great benefits, improving her language. Can connect with the important events in daily life by the introduction of new languages ​​to the appropriate time, which helps the baby has a profound understanding of audio. You can teach by word of mouth or using posters, stickers to little more accessible.