Balance bike safety rules to teach your children

Cycling is one of the vehicles was born from ancient times, is a popular means of dissemination when the vehicle using the engine unborn. However, it still brings a lot of benefits in daily life by the environmentally friendly and health maintenance for the user. Bicycles are moving forms that each of us are practicing since childhood. The access to bike in childhood bring excitement, novelty. Instead of using a bicycle with pedals normally, the manufacturer has made great invention to improve our products, particularly targeting children. The balance bikes have started life, meets most of the requirements of users in terms of reliability, safety and convenience. This article gives you the information so you understand how to use the bike balance effective and safe for the baby to use.


Definition and function of the balance bike

Balance bike is a tool to help children become familiar with the main focus on ensuring balance while cycling. It has become a means fun, friendly, fit in each jaunts, go to kindergartens, schools, bring in each excursion. The biggest difference between the balance bikes and bike ordinary bike that is in balance cut and not use the pedal to move. Component materials to balance bike is usually wood or metal. Be subject to the need to use to select a best bike, best fit for your children.

Tips to ensure safety when riding bicycles balance


As we all know, cycling is a form of movement as well as exercise, healthy bring fun an exciting way. Nothing surprising balance bike is becoming increasingly interesting for small children and bring trust to help her parents get acquainted with this amazing product. Although not denying the enormous benefits that balance supply bicycles, besides, parents still have concerns about the safety for children and not encounter any significant problems or accidents sorry to use. One of the ways to ensure safety can be applied as:

  • Wearing a helmet is not required but the traffic laws for children, but you should pay attention and ask the child to wear a helmet full and proper regulation to ensure absolute security, particularly for the head and brain.
  • Protective gloves and knee pads and elbow to avoid bumps and scratches when she can not keep balance and fell down.
  • Check carefully the parts of the bike and equipment before putting her balance used.
  • Encourage your child to participate in a course to learn and master the basic skills.
  • Teaching him about the basic traffic rules, pay attention and observe compliance with signal lights while on the road.
  • No turn signal to please the road as the vehicle using the engine, so little guidance from a hand signal and observe the directions before turning.
  • Do not use headphones or dropping your hands when cycling
  • If the child is under 8 years of age, children should not be left out in the street alone, but must be closely supervised by adults.
  • Make sure to travel on the road regulations.