Get a Recumbent Exercise Bike, and Get a Workout Without Being in Pain!

Get a Recumbent Exercise Bike, and Get a Workout Without Being in Pain!

No matter how much of an exercise newbie you are, a recumbent exercise bike can give you a great workout – without all of the pain!

But to understand how a recumbent exercise bike can help you, you have to know what it is and how it works:

A recumbent exercise bike does not look like the average bicycle. Instead of sitting up high with your legs underneath you, these bikes have pedals that are close to seat height – meaning that your legs are stretched out in front of you, instead of hanging underneath you. And, with a recumbent bike, you don’t have to worry about one of those narrow, banana-shaped seats. Instead, these bikes have a much wider seat that even has a back on it.


While it may look different from a traditional bike, a recumbent exercise bike still gives you a great workout. In fact, a one-hour session on it can burn 1,000 calories! And, just like other exercise bikes, a recumbent bike offers both cardio and strength training. Because it incorporates your legs, thighs, and gluteal muscles, it gives you the same workout as other, fancier machines – but without all of the discomfort.

So, now that you know how a recumbent exercise bike works, how does it keep you from being in pain?

– Because of the wider seat, recumbent exercise bikes are better for overweight riders. Since you don’t have to squeeze yourself onto a tiny seat, you don’t have to worry about having gluteal cramps or pain while you work out. And, you don’t have to deal with being “saddle sore” once you’re done. After all, those narrow seats on traditional exercise bikes will make your backside and inner thighs very sore. With a recumbent bike, you get to skip all of that!


– That wider seat isn’t just better for your backside, though. Because recumbent bike seats have a back to them, they offer valuable lower back support. And, because it’s a bucket seat, it automatically gives you good posture. Those are two very valuable assets for people who have back problems! In fact, people who find it too painful to do any other exercises have tremendous success with recumbent exercise bikes!

– But it’s not just the seat that helps out your back. Because a recumbent exercise bike puts your body into such a level position, you don’t have to worry about hunching over. With traditional, upright bikes, many riders tend to hunch over the handlebars – especially as they start to get winded. Unfortunately, though, that puts a lot of stress and strain on your back muscles. If you don’t have back problems already, you will with enough hunching!

– A recumbent bike offers a low-impact workout. Since your feet are on the same level as the rest of your body, it takes a lot of pressure off of them. Other exercise machines can’t say that. Running on a treadmill, for example, is tough on your knees, ankles, and feet.  A stairmaster offers a great workout, but it’s also murder on your knees. Even a traditional, upright exercise bike can be a killer for your knees and back.


– Because it uses such fluid movements, a recumbent exercise bike is easy on your joints. Unlike other machines and free weights, you don’t have to worry about herky-jerky movements that put too much strain on your joints.

– A recumbent exercise bike offers balance. In fact, since your feet are level with the rest of your body, you can even incorporate an upper-body workout if you want to. With a recumbent exercise bike, you can easily use some free weights, without worrying about falling off! If you really want to get a full-body workout, you can look for a dual action recumbent exercise bike that has handles that work out your arms and shoulders while you pedal. Dual action recumbent bikes can be a little tougher to find, but they are out there!

– A recumbent bike comes with different programs and resistance levels, so exercise beginners don’t have to worry about “taking on too much, too fast”. With one of these bikes, you can start off slowly, and gradually work your way up to tougher programs and stronger resistance levels. That way, beginners don’t feel overwhelmed and advanced riders can still get a challenging workout!

– Recumbent exercise bikes offer you the chance to put “mind over matter”. Recumbent exercise bikes put you in a position that makes it easy to watch TV or read a book while you’re working out. That way, you’re likely to work out longer because you’re distracted. And, some recumbent exercise bikes even offer screens with videos taken on actual recumbent bike rides. If you want to let your mind wander during your workout, you can use the video to imagine that you’re traveling through a wooded trail, instead of just sitting on a stationary bike in your living room or at the gym.

Aside from keeping pain away, there’s another big reason to be as comfortable as you can be during your workout. The more comfortable you are while you’re exercising, the more likely you will be to keep it up! After all, if your daily trip to the gym leaves you feeling sore, you’re not going to do it for very long. Let’s face it – no one is going to look forward to a workout that leaves them sore for days on end. With a recumbent exercise bike, you don’t have to worry about it!

Some Tips Of Using Exercise Bikes

Some Tips Of Using Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the best fitness equipments one can use. They are easy to use; one can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Exercise bikes do not occupy a lot of space this is good because one can use it in the house and exercise at his own time. Here are some of the advantages for using them.

  • When using exercise bikes you can multitask, you can watch your TV when you are still excising or even read a novel, this will help you not feel tired easily and therefore work for longer time.
  • Due to the comfortable seat they are very good for people who are recovering form injuries.
  • The exercise bikes improve fitness and help you loose weight at the same time without too much effort.
  • Riding the bike is easy for your joints, there is hardly any stress on your joints therefore it is hard to inflict any injuries.
  • These exercise bikes have a reasonable price depending on your budget. Different brands have different prices.woman-exercise-bikes

However For them to last long they should be well maintained. Here are some of the tips to help you keep your exercise bike in good working conditions and make it last long:

  • Pedals are the parts which usually wear out easily, before starting your exercises make sure that your pedals are tight, a loose pedal can fall out easily when you are working out and cause injury.
  • Make sure to clean your exercise bike after use, wipe down the handles and seat with a cloth and make sure they are dry. Leaving it wet can cause it to crack and it won’t be comfortable when you sit down. This will also help the bike to be germ free.
  • Always make sure that the brake pads are in good condition, you will occasionally need to lubricate the brake pads and also replace them. Remember to always keep them clean.
  • The more you ride your exercise bike the more your tension belts will wear and tear, make sure you examine them on monthly basis and always make sure the belt is not slipping.
  • Proper positioning and alignment ensures you have the best workouts. If your seat is too low, you can suffer from knee and hip pain, if your handles are too close you can suffer from back pain. Always make sure that everything is in the right position especially if more than one person is using the exercise bike.
  • If you hear any unusual noises stop immediately and check. This is always good to avoid the bike from tearing more.

When buying one you should always compare different models, there are so many brands in the market which may confuse you always chose one which is durable made with good materials and will last long. Your target when exercising should be, not to take brakes during your exercise. Thus, every person should have one exercise bikes in the house and there won’t have any chance to miss your work outs even on rainy days.

How To Purchase A Recumbent Exercise Bike

How To Purchase A Recumbent Exercise Bike

One of the greatest ways to receive a small impact cardio workout is by having an exercise bike, which allows one to sit comfortably as it bumps up one’s heart rate. Placing of these seats on the machine not only makes it easy on one’s stern end and back compared to a conventional bike but, is also of benefit because even while sitting on it you can type on a laptop, read or perform any other job while you are exercising. These benefits have made it the most perfect equipment for exercise in numerous homes.

You should however note that before buying this machine, you should consider a number of factors of which the first is to try different bikes available at the gym before buying any. Features and brands that appeal to you are some of the things you should look for in the bikes. Moreover, ensure that you do some trials on every machine before checking its value.

Another important thing you should do is to sit on many of these bikes, as you can find out which one is more comfortable to use without straining you. Typing, reading are but some of the activities you will be capable of doing while suiting on this machine. All you need to do is choose a comfortable one.


Since stability is one essential feature that the bike should have, consider shaking the machine while sitting on it. As you peddle, a machine that is made poorly will wobble. Bikes that are of high quality will however not move when shaken.

Seat adjustment is another thing you should check to establish if the machine is comfortable for use. Therefore, apart from having a simple lever that can be pulled the seat should also slide comfortably and smoothly to accommodate your weight. In case, it makes you struggle when adjusting or changing the seat then, avoid buying that.

You should also check the pedals of the bike to make sure that they move in an even motion. Moreover, they should also not make any undesirable noise when ridden and should move naturally. On the other hand, it is advisable that you avoid buying this machine if you will move the legs at an unnatural angle.

When it comes to powering of this machine note that some, have to be plugged to function. Since they use a lot of energy such types are not good hence are not worthy to buy. Though if you stop to pedal all data will be lost on a machine powered by the motion of the pedals, this is the best option you should go for because it will save you energy.

In conclusion, by using the recumbent exercise bike computer, you can try out the programs presented there but only after ensuring that programs such as fat burning and cardio programs are present. In case, you are not interested in some programs, you will be better off with a bike, which does not have such. You will therefore not only save time but also money during the process of buying.

Great Indoor Games and Activities for your kids

Physical activities are encouraged, especially those children who are in the age of development. Education not only encapsulated within the school, but these also need to focus on ensuring the home for children. Create a healthy living environment, creativity and fun to encourage your children to become more active. If the conditions of the time and the weather is not favorable, you can have many ideas for other funny games indoors. These are the games rewarding, contributing to the comprehensive development of your children, enhance creativity and entertainment for children. The share of many parents about appropriate activities for toddlers and preschoolers that you can apply for indoor games.


Play Bingo

This is one of those games to improve and enhance their memory. You can combine play with the photos of the members of the family as well as acquaintances around them for support tools. When she called correctly name, little guidance on proper tagging and tag photos. If you use baby 9 shots and grafted right 3 times in a row, your children will win.

Pencil and paper games

You can guide them to draw objects, animals around a simple and based on her imagination. Combine more colors in each picture and you can hang the paintings in her room. Certainly it would be very funny pictures for your family.

Exercising construction architect

The children are usually very interested in game design. You do not need to build up the huge buildings or towers, forts … Start using diagrams and specific plans with support tools such as paper, pen size, hardcover, cloth paper … Set the pattern of interest and little imagination and inspire them.


Play as a superhero

Each child usually wants to become a superhero to rescue the world as in the blockbuster, cough proprietary wants superpowers. Therefore, you can help her makeup and turn yourself into the character as far as the imagination and can assume his role. You can make use of old things in the family to create a unique costume, demonstrating the correct role.

Blogging for Your Family

Designing a blog dedicated to your family, post pictures or video accompanied, the center wanted to share from the daily events, trips, special events. This is also a way of strengthening the ability to use a computer for the baby under your supervision. Own Blog can keep your family every time you want to remember or share memories with everyone around. The potential benefits of this job can create more cohesion between the members of the family together.

Became familiar with a second language

When the baby was able to communicate fluently in their mother tongue, you can begin to teach your baby to second language. This brought great benefits, improving her language. Can connect with the important events in daily life by the introduction of new languages ​​to the appropriate time, which helps the baby has a profound understanding of audio. You can teach by word of mouth or using posters, stickers to little more accessible.

Why Your Child Should Should Learn to Ride a Balance Bike

Today, many parents choose balance bike instead tricycle or bicycle with ordinary pedals by the benefits that it offers superior benefits than others. This is a product suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old can begin to get familiar with it. Let’s take her to the park or streets with little traffic on flat terrain. This is a physical activity can take place daily because it is simple, cost-effective and safe than the other sports. Balance bike to maintain and improve balance skills in the process of moving, and adjust speed and coordinate proactive. This article is a synthesis of useful information on how to operate the bike balance, how to ensure safety and some tips that can be applied. What do you hesitate before trial starts with excellent products for your children.


Balance Bike brings benefits for children

Because the superior benefits that brings balance bike, so it’s likely replacement for tricycle or bicycle pedals using heavy with conventional training wheels. Thanks to the balance bike, children learned how to ride a bicycle and keep balance without feeling stressed and need not pass the training or any training. Baby feel capable to control the vehicle in an active and more confident. Balance bicycle as a tool of entertainment and physical training and introduce them with the basic traffic rules, it is the appropriate even for children age. After familiarization with the bike balance, they will hone certain skills are and begin using conventional bike more flexible and does not take much time to practice.


Balance bike is how to support the baby in the first period to then be able to go cycling tradition easier. The benefits that cycling can bring balance including:

  • Riding a bicycle but could walk with bicycle between the legs and continue moving forward in their control.
  • Having control of the wheel, they become more confident when sitting on the saddle and push along the bike according to the desired direction.
  • The force generated by the bike movement from the baby’s legs, it was created to promote human movement and balance.
  • Due to her feet dragging on the ground, so he’ll feel a lot more confident and gradually improve the speed quickly. The faster speed, the balance has been secured, and they feel really confident when doing so.
  • When she can do all speed, they will easily become familiar with the bicycle pedal motion associated with more, shorter duration exercise. This tool is a great support.

The issue should be taken to ensure safety

In a park or a neighborhood, quiet residential area, less transport is through the good places to start training your baby. Note terrain in that area is not rough and uneven, avoid falling and injury. Note fitted baby the necessary protective gear to ensure safety during use. Each bike balance must be flexible in adjusting the height in a flexible manner to suit each audience and ensure she can actively keep hitting solid ground to stabilize the speed when moving . Bicycles unused balance brakes before because it can cause risk of overthrowing the car, the brakes after easy to use for all ages. Bicycle handlebar rotation of balance makes steering angle is limited, so you need to guide the baby carefully to avoid falling.

Bicycles balance brings many tangible benefits that the parent can not be ignored. Not only developing motor skills and ability to balance your baby to experiment with movement. When switching to pedal bicycles, baby just learning how to use the pedal for basic undergo when starting to learn cycling. This is a safety device over the same products.

How to encourage kids to become creative

The creative thinking and imagination are formed from early childhood. Creativity not only from the picture that exists in life around. Education to support and enhance children’s creativity from an early age is essential, a problem to be considered positive. The creativity is nourished from so many aspects of life and activities, such as questions about your child’s questions, exploring the world around them, inventing new things, how to handle the situation and improvise situations in a flexible manner. Creation be extended to the whole process and not just a product and the final result. There are many ways to encourage your child’s creativity, you can try to apply some of the ideas and advice in this article.


Making mistakes and how to fix

To succeed, each of us have experienced setbacks. Do not be afraid of facing failure, because thanks to it, you can have the creative thinking in order to improve the situation, you want to lead the resolution to change the outcome becomes more positive. Do not despair and anxiety when experiencing failure, focus the search and determine the cause of failure and to find proper solutions. Think of every mistake is an opportunity for you to develop and towards the good things rather than to condition becomes worse.

Do not be afraid to mess

Most parents feel tired with the mess that caused children after every play, you always want to maintain a space clean and tidy, neat in your house. However, thanks to this mess factors, she can take advantage of it to promote its rapid development. She may draw around, fill, graffiti, litter toy does not follow any particular order.


Innovative investment model

Take time each day to keep track of your baby’s development. She may discover from everything around, but needs the support of you to the right direction. Please observe the interests and abilities of the child through daily activities. If your child has special preference for certain activities, spend time with little experience, maybe after dinner or before bedtime. Try to maintain a regular daily basis.

Openness and encourage creative activity baby

The encouragement of creative thinking the baby is extremely important and necessary. When there is praise as motivation, they will try to achieve a certain order. However, you should keep the compliments in moderation, avoid using too because it can backfire.

Explore the galaxy with other planets

The mystery of the universe is always a place for children develop creativity. An envelope surrounding world always contain many interesting things. Let them learn more about the different planets, their characteristics.

Film director or a play

When watching a movie or a play, you and your baby can together discuss and think of new ideas for the film. The child’s imagination is still very innocent, it can bring a new surprise ending and interesting.

Teach him painting

The paintings are tools and products reflect the child’s imagination. Through the eyes of a child, everything is seen as a completely new lens.