How to choose best outdoor baby swing?

A majority of parents will attest to the fact that baby swings have become a “must have” in the house. It is one of the many items that parents to be must shop for alongside other baby items. Well, baby swings come in different sizes and makes hence you must examine your needs and those for the baby before identifying one. They are also of different uses and the most common ones include full-sized, wooden and metal baby swings. Each of them has its features that anyone can evaluate before placing a purchase.

Well, different people have different preferences and in as much many of them are designed for indoor use, most parents will prefer outdoor baby swing which can also serve as a travelling swing. That said, it is then very important that every parent gets to know how to choose best outdoor baby swing to the satisfaction of the needs of their children. The following is what you look out for:

  • Seat settings.

In common thinking the major use of a swing is to provide soothing to the baby and as such, they must be in a rightful position. The reclining of the seat is of importance if this position is to be achieved and if the angles are adjustable the baby can get more swinging space. Depending on the baby’s age, there are height options.

A plastic baby seat is also recommended in that apart from being strong and it is easily adjustable courtesy of its four points of contact. Additionally, the four contact points also provide stability for the swing which in return offers a baby such an incredible swinging experience.

  • Safety features.

It is considerably important that we ensure that the swings are safe for baby’s use. For example, there should be adequate back support alongside a font handle to which the baby will grip on tightly. The frame should also be strong and wide enough, features that prevent children from tipping in case they lean on one side.

A good frame is that which is foldable for ease of storage.

  • Proper harness systems.

The commonly used ones are 3 and 5-point harness system. Well, the systems may not be of any use at the early stages of the baby. However, they come in handy when the baby starts moving or jumping and more so when using a metal swing. And as the baby gets older, a 5-point harness system is highly recommended keeping in mind that you do not want to keep changing swings.


And apart from the harness system, you could also consider a padding system for more safety precaution.

Some factors may sound unimportant at the beginning but they turn out to be important later in life when the baby has to actively use the swing. These are non-negotiable features if you have to guard the safety of your children whose estimates indicate that 1600 of them sustain injuries on baby swings on yearly basis.

A safety caution dictates that baby swings shall not be places on soft babies while in use to prevent babies from tipping off. Additionally, they should not be anywhere near heat and gadgets such as hanging wires above all don’t leave the baby on the baby swing unattended for long periods.

How does one ensure that ensure that they get the right baby swing? There are many places one can purchase from the likes of eBay and Amazon. However, it is advisable that you check out on different baby swing reviews from the internet or different social media networks. And by the way the reviews could be very helpful in making your decision. In fact eBay presents a diverse collection of different baby swings that will surely keep your baby active ad happily engaged. For the little ones, they will lure them to sleep.


From user comments, you will also get remarkable help that will facilitate in your decision making. Prefer to collect it from the seller which will help in saving on the delivery charges.

Alternatively, you can choose to check out from the local department stores where you will probably get them at discounted prices. In any case there are so many good stores out there. So all you have to do is to set your goal right of what you want, develop the passion to for it and strive to achieve it. Who wants anything less of safety accompanied by enjoyment for their babies?